Friday, 24 April 2015

Not A Gay Romance - A Nun And Priest Tale

From time to time I take a little trip away from writing in my favourite gay romance genre to try my hand at other things. I enjoy writing literary stories and I also enjoy writing little stories set in the 1950's and 1950's. I write such stories under the name of Ester Phillips. Short stories are a favourite of mine, and are, I think underrated these days, which is a shame. The short story is an art form in its own right. You can read a short story on the bus, in bed, on the train, while enjoying a tea or coffee break, or in your lunch hour. Just because a story has less than ten thousand words doesn't mean it has any less merit or content value than a longer story. Short stories are often harder to write than longer ones and they're an excellent way for writers to hone their skills.

A short story by Ester Phillips - A Nun And Priest Tale. I've had this short tale hanging around for a very long time. I dug it out and decided that re-writing it would be a good way to break my recent dry spell and give me some good writing practice. I have enjoyed writing it and I hope some of you will enjoy reading it, even if it isn't M/M in focus.

Meet Father John and the formidable Sister Austin. Who will triumph in a battle of wills over the fate of a small boy? 

This short, comedy-drama, story contains the physical punishment of a child by an adult. It by no means condones the corporal punishment of children, far from it. It’s written as a period piece, a period when such things as childhood CP were the norm. Being a schoolchild in the 1960’s was a hazardous business, especially if you went to a Catholic school in a poor working class community. Nuns and Priests wielded considerable power and influence. Some used it kindly, while others abused their position and delighted in cruelty.

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