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The Jack and Danny Chronicles - One Top and His Brat.

If you're a fan of traditional, tongue in cheek, honest to goodness one Top and his brat stories, then the Jack and Danny Chronicles are just the ticket. Packed full of laughs, quips, disasters and of course spankings. That's basically what Bratfic is, a blend of comedy and spankings.


Meet Daniel Macintyre, a young, happy go lucky, short but beautifully proportioned romantic and intellectual action hero, at least in his own mind.

From computer fires to escaped tarantulas Danny seems to causes chaos wherever he goes. He wouldn’t mind so much, but none of it is ever his fault, well, hardly ever!

Danny’s partner is the stereotypically tall, dark and handsome Jack Kinross. When it comes to communicating with Danny, Jack relies heavily on sign language executed by hand, though often aided and abetted by a large wooden hairbrush.

Jack does his best to keep his mischievous young lover in line in this comic tale of misadventures.

Warning: contains strong language, highly improbable situations and gratuitous use of puns.

Available at Smashwords and also in kindle editions.


The Danny and Jack stories fall into a category of M/M domestic discipline literature often known as ‘Bratfic.’ Such stories usually, though not exclusively, involve an older man (the Top or Dominant) partnering a younger man (the brat or submissive)  It can be a rather stylised form of fiction with inherent rules and regulations about the forms discipline takes. The Jack and Danny Chronicles are both an affirmation of the Bratfic genre and an affectionate parody of it.

There is without doubt an element of parenting involved in most discipline fiction, especially Bratfic. The truth is that parenting is an element present in almost all real-life power exchange practices, to varying degrees. Parenting isn't just an adult to child dynamic. Parenting is about caring. Lots of adult men fantasise about submitting to an authority figure. You only have to peruse gay spanking forums to see how many mature men advertise for partners to play out Dom/sub, Daddy/boy, Top/brat scenarios. It isn’t just about spanking and sex either. It’s about care and guidance and comfort and it's about relinquishing an element of control to a person that is trusted.

Bratfic has attracted much criticism as a form of discipline fiction. Some writers of M/M discipline fiction look down their noses and deem it to be immature. So what! Dressing up as a schoolboy or schoolgirl in order to legitimise a need to be spanked might also be deemed to be immature, but I don’t question the right of such people to express and fulfil their need in that way. We all have a right to express our kinks, interests and needs in ways that are meaningful to us as individuals. When it comes to written fantasies that mirror deeply felt emotions then no one, absolutely no one, has the right to tell another person they are stupid or wrong.

I hope in general that the fine and often tongue in cheek tradition of ‘Bratfic’ where the hapless bottom always gets his just desserts from his Top will live on, despite the derision it has attracted from some quarters. To my mind ‘Bratfic’ is not only a legitimate form of discipline fiction, it’s an essential and often supremely well written one that gives rich expression to the spanking kink we all purport to enjoy. Let there be no discrimination against an art form that has spawned many good writers and entertained numerous readers.

Cat/Fabian Black


Macintyre excels at playing himself in this moving true story of his life. The boy’s a natural. Never have I seen such beautifully executed foot stamping and tantrum throwing, he’s a joy to observe. (A Critic)

Macintyre follows closely in the fine brat tradition of Scarlett O Hara: impulsive, manipulative, and yet strangely vulnerable and sweet. Kinross is a worthy Rhett Butler to his small, but beautifully formed, partner. Tall, dark, handsome, he conveys a stern, brooding, yet caring, presence that is hard to resist. I look forward to discovering more about this unique and deeply complex relationship (A. Nother Critic)

I’m sorry, but  this is disgusting. Macintyre is in need of intense psychological counselling, as is Kinross. Macintyre’s pride in his unorthodox relationship and lifestyle is unsavoury. (A Bigot)

I found nothing amusing in this pathetic boy’s tragic life of hell with his oppressive partner. Furthermore, should we really condone the barbarous use of hairbrushes as instruments of retribution? (Miss D Point. Literary critic for the customer message board in Kwik Save Supermarkets)


A roller coaster comedy featuring  the inimitable, irrepressible Daniel Macintyre
and his beloved partner Jack Kinross. 

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The DEFINITIVE Jack and Danny Chronicles



 A Top's Tale
Free Story
Want to know how and why Jack decided to become a Top?
In this tongue-in-cheek story Danny has an eye on forbidden fruits. Will his Top Jack give in and allow him to have what he lusts after? 
This tale is  published in the 'Gay Briefs' anthology.

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