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All About Me and My Fiction

I'm a writer and fan of gay fiction. Like so many other writers of M/M fiction, I'm female. It's a fact, a large proportion of M/M or 'slash' writers are women. Arguments and theories abound as to why, but none of them matter. Some women love reading and writing gay themed romance, it's no big deal.

I’m a staunch supporter of GLBTQ Rights and Marriage Equality.

Love is an important aspect of the human experience and its free expression should not be denied to anyone. No one should be made to feel ashamed or tormented simply for being in love or for being who they were born to be.

Please note I'm a British writer and therefore write my stories using U.K. English and grammar, not U.S. so please check the default settings on your chosen reading device. :)

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If you're looking for a complex thriller, hardcore, heavily sexualised erotica, gritty gay realism, typical BDSM leather scenarios, a horror trip or a gory murder mystery then you've come to the wrong place.

So, what the heck DO I write?

I write rather nice gay themed stories, often, but not always, seasoned with a twist of D/s spice, a dash of good humour and a sprinkling of emotion. I suppose I write comedy drama with gay characters.

 My stories fall under the BDSM umbrella, but only insofar as consensual power exchange is involved and discipline is given and taken. Essentially they belong to a sub group of romance/power exchange fiction often referred to as discipline romance fiction or discipline partnership fiction.


Not everyone understands or 'gets' domestic discipline fiction and that's fine. I don't 'get' prawn cocktail flavour crisps, but I uphold the right of people to eat them should their taste buds be wired that way.


While sex is an aspect of my fiction it isn't the main focal point, so if you think of and enjoy M/M stories only in terms of heat level and detailed sex scenes then my fiction probably won't be to your taste. I get pretty fed up of being told my stories don't have enough sex in them. I don't believe gay genre fiction HAS to be masturbation material. I tend to focus more on the emotional side of things and of course the discipline aspect. Discipline or the potential for discipline provides the erotic undercurrent to many of my stories.

You might like to read an interview I did with BDSM romance writer J.A.Rock discussing aspects of my fiction
Submissive Sharks and Sexy Peaches

As well as being the vehicle by which I express my interest in consensual discipline practices,  my stories are about everyday relationships, situations, affection and love. They're quirky, warm hearted and have a liberal sprinkling of offbeat and very English humour. They're entertaining, sometimes thought provoking and always observant of the human condition. Most of all they're fun and written with entertainment in mind. Let's face it, fetish is a funny old thing and you have to have a sense of huimour about it.

I’ve been 'hobby' writing in this genre for some years and have built up a small, but loyal following of fans who totally 'get' my stuff. Some have become friends. I'm grateful for their support, it's kept me writing when I might otherwise have given up. I don't make a living from writing, far from it. Selling my stories helps to pay for cover designs, editing and ebook conversion services and also website fees, so at least my hobby doesn't leave me out of pocket.

I have many theories as to why I’m drawn so strongly to this type of fiction. Perhaps it allows me to express aspects of my personality that would otherwise remain repressed. None of it really matters, I write what I like to write and that's it. :) If you enjoy my stories then I'm pleased.

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Many real life couples, straight, gay and lesbian choose to incorporate elements of discipline into their relationship. It's an aspect of intimacy, which enhances and strengthens the relationship. It serves emotional and psychological needs as well as physical. In other words, the craving for discipline is multi layered and is much more than just a prelude to sexual activity. Consensual DD relationships share some similarities with bdsm practices, such as aspects of control, discipline, domination and submission, but in general tend to be rooted in a different dynamic.  

The focal point of D/s romance is discipline and how and why it comes about...the act of discipline and its description is the erotic and sensual core of the stories. I do strive to give my readers something more than a set of scenes. I like to tell a story with intelligence and I like to engage the emotions.
Some other ramblings and observations

My fiction might also be seen as an updated and pro-gay adjunct to the kind of  romance novels that were popular in the pre-feminist era...tales of submissive ladies and alpha males, only the submissive lady has been supplanted by a submissive laddy. ;-)

The point missed by the feminists who damned such works at that time and had them culled from library shelves was that a lot of women, and indeed a lot of  gay men,  enjoy fantasising about being swept off their feet and over the knee of an alpha male who naturally had a heart of gold beneath his masculine and stern exterior. It was all rather sweet and innocent erotica at a time when sensuality and sexuality were not as overtly expressed as they are now. Far from liberating women, feminism, in that particular context, further suppressed female sexuality by making women with a submissive aspect and submissive desires feel guilty about it (men with a submissive aspect already felt guilty because submissivness was considered to be a 'weak' female trait)

Having an interest in spanking and discipline is not perverse, it isn’t wrong. It's an integral and highly potent aspect of many people’s physical and emotional identity. They can no more help it than having say blue or brown eyes, it's part of their natural genetic coding. 

The reasons why people are fascinated by power exchange relationships and the degree to which they choose to practice them are as diverse as the individual’s concerned.  Being a consensual submissive, male or female, is not the same as being a victim, far from it. Submissives tend to be strong and very attuned to their emotional requirements and very sure about how they want them to be met.  

Almost all human interactions have some Alpha/beta elements to them, some people just need to explore and express that element in more depth.


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