Thursday, 7 October 2010

Let's Hear it for Harry Potter.....

....Or at least the actor who plays him, namely Daniel Radcliffe.

Whatever you think of the films (and I love them) it has to be said that he, the person who plays Harry, comes across as a very nice young man, and to my mind a courageous one. He has shown his support any number of times for GLBTQ rights. Not many young male actors would be willing to take such a prominent stand for fear of what it might do to their careers and reputations, and who can blame them when the media delights in making scandal out of what should be a person’s private life.

Daniel Radcliffe’s most recent stand has been in support of The Trevor Project, which aims to help LGBTQ young people who are the victims of bullying because of their sexuality and who may be struggling with suicidal thoughts. His appeal comes in the wake of a string of tragic youth suicides in America. It’s utterly heartbreaking and utterly depressing that in this day and age young gay people still have to contend with such dreadful prejudice and who think their only chance of peace is to end their lives.

World leaders and the world clergy have to take a very large measure of responsibility for these deaths, their refusal to grant GLBTQ people the same rights and respects, as everyone else is shameful in the extreme. Those who could and SHOULD do so much to discourage prejudice and promote tolerance do nothing, and in fact actively contribute to the problem.

In an ideal world a person’s sexuality would not even raise an eyebrow. A person should be judged on his/her deeds and not on their sexual orientation.

The Trevor Project

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