Thursday, 29 July 2010

Love and Life with Stardust Twinkles

'Swan Songs' is the first installment of 'The Stardust Diaries'

The love of Tarn's life is his partner, Jonathan Lane, assistant manager in a jeweller's shop, aka Stardust Twinkles, transvestite and part time drag queen.

Life with Twinkles is many things, but quiet isn’t one of them. He’s beautiful, complex, impulsive, a diva, demanding, loving, bitchy, jealous, emotional and sometimes just plain naughty!

Tarn's views and philosophical observations on life and love with his unique partner are highly entertaining.

The hub of T & T's social life is The Pink Parrot Club, a haven for the transgender crowd. Here you’ll find Twink's best friend, Lulu, and his deadly rival, Natalie, the fiend in a frock. Meet the ballroom dancing medics, Teddy and Maurice, and Brian, the club owner, and a host of others including Rick the lascivious barman.

Follow the trials, tribulations heartaches and joys of life with a man who has a unique aspect to his personality. An uplifting and tender book with some laugh out loud moments, as well as some tearful ones.


The Stardust Diaries

Book Two
January 3rd 2006 to May 31st 2006

Another instalment of The Stardust Diaries… what does 2006 have in store for Tarn and Twinkles? Only time and Tarn will tell.

Funny, romantic, thought provoking and endearing… a glimpse into the life of an unusual couple and their alternative lifestyle.

Also available in the same series

Coming Out

Jonathan springs a couple of surprises on his boyfriend Tarn. The first surprise leaves Tarn shell shocked, but on the second occasion it’s Jonathan who gets a shock.
Tarn tells the tale of how his boyfriend Jonathan Lane comes out to him as a transvestite and also details their very first discipline encounter.

Coming Out also contains the evocative and moving ‘A Letter From Steven.’
Coming Out is a supplement to 'Swan Songs'

Swan Songs and The Stardust Diaries are available in print from Amazon stores and E-Books are available from Lulu, Smashwords and 1Romance E-Books


arl215 said...

Hi I have just finished your last installment of Stardust Diaries,Jan to May 2006. I have read all of Stardust Twinkles and also Jack and Danny. I absolutely love them all laugh out loud funny. However, I am in love with Twinkles and Tarn and after finishing the last installment I am just crushed. I know it's just a story....Not. I love them, so I hope we (who adore them) do not have to wait too long for the rest.Pleassssse.
You area brilliant talent.
A Fan

arl215 said...

Hi I tried to leave a comment yesterday, I love your books have read the Stardust Diaries and just love Twinkles and Tarn. Now I'm crushed because they have broken up,didn't see that coming. Is there a new version June 2006 - December 2006 that your working on? I hope so. Your writing is just brilliant. Your characters are laugh out load funny.I also loved Jack and Danny.
A Fan

Fabian Black said...

Hello, and thank you for your comments, how kind. I love that you love Tarn and Twinks. There is another book to come, but not sure when. I have it in draft, but it needs quite a bit of spit and polish before it's ready for publication. I'm working on a couple of other projects at the moment, but I will get round to taking up T & T's story again. :-)