Monday, 11 January 2010

Shocks and Trophies

I've not had the best of starts to 2010 with one thing and another. The worst was that one of my sons was assaulted a few days ago. He was attacked by five people who punched him repeatedly, determined to inflict as much damage as possible. Fortunately the police were pretty quickly on scene and those concerned were arrested. He was punched so hard that his lower lip had to be stitched back together. The most shocking aspect of this unprovoked attack is that the five people were women!! Whatever happened to the gentler sex? Or was that always a myth similar to the one that says men don't cry.

On a pleasanter note I found out today that I, or at least my alter ego, Cat (writer of The Jack and Danny Chronicles) has been nominated for a Tea Room discipline fiction Award. That was a surprise, so thank you very, very much to anyone that nominated me. I wrote for a lot of years under the Cat moniker and it's nice to know I'm still remembered.

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