Sunday, 5 April 2015

Unsocial Media and Other Stuff.

Why is Social Media so called when it is anything but social? I've just deactivated my Facebook account, and it feels like a burden lifted. To be honest I never participated  much on the site because it made me feel nervous. Most of the people seemed perfectly nice and kind, but invariably some nastiness would spring up. There is always someone who thinks their personal opinion is so important that they have to give it while not giving a shit about how much hurt they cause with their spiteful behaviour. They think they have the right to humiliate and embarrass other people, and they do it as if they're handing out a favour.  I despise people like that. They are bullies, and they spoil so much with their negative venom, often disguised as 'advice.' I'm done with Facebook now. I'm just not cut out for it. I have enough stress in my everyday life without having mythical 'friends' put me down online.

I'm still not able to write much these days as I struggle with health issues. I seem to spend much of my time either at hospital or travelling to and from it. I find it very hard to accept what is happening to me. All of a sudden I feel very mortal, and really rather old and tired.

I was thinking of serialising a story on my website, just to see if it helps me get back in the swing of writing. I've lost the pleasure I once had in writing for both my own and other peoples' entertainment. That's all I ever wanted to do, entertain like minded people with my brand of kinky fic, but somehow that has been lost. I thought that maybe writing a little at a time might be less daunting than trying to write a complete book. I'm not sure.

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