Friday, 25 November 2011

Sad November

November has been a very sad month for me. My beloved black cat was hit by a car and killed right in front of me on the evening of November 10th. It was horrifying. I tried desperately to save her, but she was dead before I could get her to a vet. My cat's name was Tosca and she was more than a pet. She was my friend and companion and I loved her so much. I miss her chatter, she was a vocal animal. and her playful and inquisitive nature. She was only four years old and she didn't deserve such an ugly violent death. The car driver didn't even stop, though he must have known he'd hit something and he must have heard my screams. I will never stop missing her, or loving her. She came into my life by chance, like a gift, and to have her taken away so horribly has caused me so much sorrow. I still cry for her every day. I feel like a light has gone out.

My beautiful girl, Tosca, 2007 - 2011


Anonymous said...

So sorry about your Tosca. I have two cats and a third
one had to be euthanized last year. I still miss her so I
can empathize with your loss. Mourn your Tosca and cry as much as you need to.

Mary from Tennessee
a reader of your gay discipline stories (which I love).

Fabian Black said...

Thank you so much for your kind empathy, Mary. It really is painful to lose a pet and I'm sorry for your loss too. They give us so much in terms of unconditional love.

PS - glad you like my stories, thank you.