Sunday, 23 January 2011

The Cat Ate My Computer...

...well, not quite, but she did chew through the cable so I can't use it. She's a menace for chewing at electrical stuff. She's wrecked two hairdryers and she kept biting at the bulbs on the tree lights at Christmas, fused two sets. It's a wonder she hasn't blown herself up. The trouble is that at this time of year it's cold and she doesn't like to go out at night. She prefers to stay in and prowl around the house causing trouble. I could hear her scuffing around my room in the night, but was too tired to get up and investigate. I found the munched cable when I got up this morning and went to do my usual first act of the day - turning on the computer. I share a house with four people and we each have our own computers, but all are in full use on a Sunday, so I'm reduced to using the 'communal emergency computer.' It's an ancient machine with a bubble screen and a kranking handle to start it up, but I suppose it's better than nothing. Anyone want to adopt a large tabby cat with an electricity fetish?

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