Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Gay Romance Obscene?

According to Squidoo it is.

In keeping with the recent trend for pogroms on ‘Adult’ sites they have decided to cull many lenses. I have been informed that some lenses I created to promote my wares are considered Adult in nature and are to be deleted in order to safeguard innocents from stumbling across them and being so offended that they need trauma counselling. Yes people, according to Squidoo, gay romance is obscene.

There is absolutely nothing obscene in my Squidoo lenses, no nudity, nothing x-rated, nothing inflammatory. My book covers are perfectly respectable. In comparison to most mainstream fiction and indeed some fiction aimed at the teen market my stories are relatively staid. Sex happens, but not on every page and not in graphic detail, if rings get mentioned in my stories they’re more likely to be wedding rings than cock rings. The only element that might raise an eyebrow is the discipline element, but again it’s hardly obscene, I strive to present an intelligent argument as to why some people include consensual discipline in their relationships. My stories are romantic, loving and often humorous. They’re gay affirming and strive to portray a positive image of gay relationships and maybe that’s the real problem. It seems that many sectors of society are still determined to keep gay life, gay culture; gay anything, firmly in the shadows, something suspect and guilty, and it just isn’t acceptable.

So, stuff you Squidoo. I hope a Japanese Whaling Trawler catches you in its nets and sells you to a Sushi Restaurant.

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