Thursday, 10 September 2009

Gay Blogs Under Attack?

Rumour has it that Blogger/Google or whoever, are taking a leaf out of Amazon's book and launching a blitz on adult gay blogs. Apparently lots of blogs have been subjected to censorship and even closed down for so called policy violations. Fair enough if those blogs are truly guilty of violations, but who is determining exactly what constitutes a policy violation, is it a violation simply to have a blog that has adult gay content? A blog called 'Jockspank' seems to be the latest victim of this gay cull and is currently 'under review.' The owners of Jockspank made it very clear that their content was adult in nature, they also strived to make clear that all models were aged 18 and over and that they did not condone and would not support any under age material or links to such. Jockspank was an excellent resource for discipline aficionados of every persuasion. As well as spanking erotica and fairly straightforward male glamour porn, it had intelligent articles and interviews. In short I found it to be an interesting magazine style blog and I hope it's back soon.


Anonymous said...

thanks for your support

we're still waiting on google to 'review' us :(

Fabian Black said...

You're welcome. Best of luck. I find this kind of 'review' to be 'worrying' shall we say. My God, what happened to freedom of expression? I hope you're back soon. All the best to you.